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Florida woman charged with a double DUI offense after fatal crash

Florida police are holding a Plant City woman without bail in response to charges being filed against her stemming from an August accident in which another person died shortly afterward. Reports state that the 21-year-old woman left the road and entered a median, where she lost control and the car tumbled several times. While the car rolled through the median, a passenger was ejected from the car and apparently sustained life-threatening injuries, which led to at least one of the DUI offense allegations.

The report did not indicate if sobriety tests were performed on the scene, or the woman's condition following the accident. It is unfortunate that someone lost their life in this tragic accident; however, the full details behind the accident have not been revealed. Further details may be revealed once the official investigation is completed.

As the driver has since been charged with driving under the influence causing manslaughter and driving under the influence causing property damage, the penalties she could face could be very steep. The woman is being held without bail, which is done in some cases to ensure that a defendant will appear for a court date. Here the prosecution will have to overcome the burden of proof in order to prove that her actions lead directly to the passenger's death.

She will have the right under Florida law to contest any allegations brought against her concerning this DUI offense. Manslaughter can be an extremely serious and life-altering offense when coupled with a drunken driving charge. Her defense will be given the chance to examine evidence brought against her and respond accordingly to test the admissibility of such evidence.

Source:, "Plant City driver charged with DUI in fatal crash," Oct. 30, 2012

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