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Florida man accused of sex crimes and other allegations

A Florida man who was already facing serious allegations that include sex crimes of sexual battery and molestation along with child neglect is now facing further criminal charges. The new charges include contributing to the delinquency of minor, multiple counts, and two counts of felony child neglect. This sex crimes case could result in severe penalties being handed down against this man in the event that authorities are able to obtain a conviction.

Allegations have been made that the 40-year-old man regularly allowed teens to drink while in his presence, and that he may even have provided alcohol and marijuana to some of the teens. He also purportedly indicated that he wanted to engage in sexual activities with two teenagers and wanted to see them kissing each other. During another incident, one of the teens fell off of the man's pickup truck due to alleged intoxication.

The man has additionally been accused of perpetrating sexual molestation against a teenage girl on more than one occasion. As a result of these allegations, the man is soon scheduled to put in an appearance at a court in Crestview, Florida. A conviction on the charges made against the man could lead to significant time in jail, and other potential penalties.

In some Florida sex crimes cases, accused individuals dispute the allegations and decide to fight the charges vigorously. In other situations, it may be more appropriate to seek a plea deal with prosecutors, after a careful consideration of all the relevant facts and circumstances. A plea agreement can sometimes result in a reduction in charges, typically resulting in lesser fines and/or jail sentences. While not appropriate in every case, in some instances it can lead to a more favorable outcome.

Source:, "Crestview man arrested for sexual battery faces additional charges," Angel McCurdy, April 16, 2013

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