Certified Mediators

Mediation refers to an alternative dispute resolution process in which an impartial third party helps guide parties involved in a legal case to a mutually satisfying resolution. In Florida, mediation is required in every civil case before trial and can save all parties involved time, money, and stress. Throughout the mediation process, a certified mediator will help guide parties to an amicable resolution. The attorneys with our Gainesville law firm are certified mediators with experience helping parties involved in civil cases reach a satisfactory resolution. Contact us today to learn more or speak with our attorneys in Gainesville, FL!

What Is The Role Of A Mediator?

The mediator's purpose is to facilitate mediation and assist parties in finding a resolution to their dispute. Mediators do not determine the outcome of mediation. At The Law Offices of Silverman, Mack & Associates, our mediators help encourage levelheaded discussion and offer an unbiased perspective on the issues at hand. Specifically, a mediator's duties include the following.

  • Facilitating the mediation process in an unbiased manner;
  • Maintaining the confidentiality of mediation;
  • Offer innovative solutions to disagreements;
  • Withdraw from the mediation if unable to stay unbiased;
  • Help achieve a mutually agreeable resolution;

How Does Mediation Work?

Our mediation process begins with our mediators introducing themselves and explaining the mediation process. After introductions, the mediator will give the parties involved (or their attorneys) to give their opening remarks and describe their concerns. From this point forward, the mediation process will vary depending on the case and the mediator. For example, the mediator may either meet privately with each party or with the parties together while trying to guide them towards a resolution. In the end, the parties involved will either come to an agreement or reach an impasse and have to settle their dispute in court.

Contact A Certified Mediator In Gainesville, FL

In addition to having years of experience litigating contentious court cases, our lawyers in Gainesville are also certified mediators. A mediation attorney from Silverman and Mack, LLC can provide valuable insight and careful facilitation during the mediation process to help ensure you reach a mutually agreeable resolution. Contact us today to learn more or speak with a Gainesville attorney!