Domestic Violence

When we become involved in intimate relationships, we don’t expect them to go badly. We expect love, companionship, trust and protection. Unfortunately, we don’t always get this. Domestic violence occurs within relationships at incredibly high rates. If you are a victim of domestic violence in your romantic relationship, or if you have been wrongfully accused of domestic violence, you may face severe ramifications. Domestic violence attorneys at the Law Office of Silverman, Mack & Associates in Gainesville, FL, work hard to ensure that you gain the legal assistance that you need to recover properly.

Domestic Violence Attorneys in Gainesville, FL

Domestic violence is defined as a series of abusive behavior in any form of relationship. In most cases, it involves intimate couples who have an unequal distribution of power. One partner may subject the other partner to emotional, physical, sexual, or financial abuse in order to exert control and dominance over him/her.

Forms of Domestic Violence

Physical Abuse

  • Forcing alcohol and/or drug usage upon partner
  • Pushing, shoving, hitting, attacking, biting, punching, scratching, etc.
  • Throwing objects at a partner
  • Cruel and unusual forms of “punishment” (i.e. denial of food and sleep)
  • Physical abuse usually results in bruising, physical pain, and/or medical attention

Sexual Abuse

  • Forcing a partner to any form of sexual intercourse
  • Sexual exploitation
  • Uses harmful objects and/or tools during sex to cause pain

Emotional Abuse

  • Name-calling
  • Sabotaging relationships with friends and children
  • Isolation
  • Intentional acts done to make one feel worthless
  • Constant criticizing
  • Jealous, even possessive behavioral tendencies

Financial Abuse

  • Withholding funds
  • Preventing one from attending work, school or volunteering

Domestic violence is a serious issue throughout the world that does not discriminate. It can happen to anyone regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, religion, and sexual orientation. When domestic violence occurs within families, it can have devastating effects on everyone involved. Children, for example, often experience difficulty adjusting to social life and navigating the world after witnessing domestic violence. They may also be prone to depression, overall unhappiness, fear, and even suicide. Some of the side effects and consequences of domestic violence are permanent and irreversible. This is why you should contact an experienced domestic violence attorney immediately.

We Represent Victims & the Wrongfully Accused

At the Law Office of Silverman, Mack & Associates, our family law attorneys are well-versed in domestic violence litigation and advocacy. We are familiar with the harm that surfaces within homes due to domestic violence. Therefore, we do our best to ensure your family’s safety and well-being.

Any person who commits domestic violence deserves to be punished and treated for subjecting his/her intimate partner to abuse. However, there are cases in which people are wrongfully accused. We are aware that mistakes happen and unforeseen events can be misinterpreted. When this happens, we are here to ensure that your innocence and reputation are vindicated and upheld.

Our many years of experience in domestic violence litigation and advocacy help us to make wise judgements regarding your unique circumstance. We are completely unbiased and will understand and empathize with your story. This will help us to serve you effectively for a positive outcome in your case.

Domestic Violence FAQs

Define domestic violence.

Domestic violence refers to any sort of willful neglect, intimidation, battery or assault against one spouse from another. It involves violent acts within the home, including neglect, isolation, control, financial exploitation, emotional abuse, sexual abuse, and physical abuse. Although domestic violence is usually seen on a consistent basis within a home, it only takes one incident for domestic violence to occur. If you are a victim of domestic violence, you should contact a domestic violence attorney as soon as you are able to secure your safety.

Is it possible for a woman to be guilty of abusing a man?

Absolutely. Domestic violence is an epidemic that affects individuals on a large, even global, scale. A woman can certainly be accused of abusing a man. And in homosexual relationships and marriages, domestic abuse is also possible. Domestic abuse can occur in homes of a wide variety of backgrounds, despite cultural distinctions, race, genders, or other external factors.

If I am in danger, what should I do?

If you are in danger, you need to do everything that you possibly can to place yourself in a safe area. You should always report a domestic violence incident with the local authorities, even if your injuries are minor. If your life is at risk, call 911 immediately. There are also several domestic violence hotline services that you can rely upon for housing and other services. Upon encountering a safe zone, you should gain medical care and visit our law firm for domestic violence victims.

What ways may I be able to protect my children from domestic violence?

If domestic violence occurs within your home, your children may also be at risk. There are numerous cases and studies that suggest that if a spouse is willing to attack his/her partner, it is also possible for the same individual to inflict harm on children. In order to prevent this, you may wish to allow a relative or loved one to handle or take care of your children until you are able to remove yourself from the home and the violent partner.

If you are a victim of domestic violence and you have children, please visit our law firm for domestic violence victims as soon as possible. Our attorneys will be able to represent you in a way that secures the welfare of your young children.

What is an injunction and how will it help me?

An injunction is an authoritative warning or order that prevents an individual from contacting another person. An injunction against your partner will prevent him/her from being near you. This is meant to prevent further abuse.

How do I go about filing an injunction?

Filing an injunction is simple. You will need to file a petition for injunction with the appropriate court of law. You should include documentation of proof, such as police reports, medical reports and photographs to support that domestic violence has occurred by a particular individual. Speak to injunction lawyers in Gainesville, FL for assistance.

Who is the "respondent" in my case?

In a domestic violence case, the respondent is the person whom the injunction is filed against. In other words, the respondent refers to the abusive partner. After you file an injunction and the respondent is notified, he/she will have the right to obtain legal defense.

Do I need a lawyer if I have been charged with domestic violence?

Yes. Domestic violence charges have serious implications and consequences.

If I am charged with domestic violence, what should I do?

We recommend that you hire an attorney as soon as possible. You will need a strong defense. In the event that an injunction is placed against you, it is advisable to follow the court order and to avoid contact with the alleged victim under all circumstances.

How is a restraining order filed?

The process of filing a restraining order is synonymous with the process of filing an injunction. File your petition with a local courthouse. Upon reviewing the materials that you submit, the judge in authority will immediately grant you a 14 day restraining order. This will prevent your partner from contacting you. Then, a hearing will be scheduled so that you may present your case (for a permanent restraining order and other requests).

How much time do I have to respond to an injunction?

You should respond to an injunction as soon as possible. For the designated period of time (usually 14 days), you will not be allowed to contact the alleged victim. However, you must respond to the injunction so that a hearing can be scheduled.

Will an injunction affect my rights?

Yes. Your general rights of mobility may be affected, since you will not be allowed to contact the victim. Your rights to spend time with any children may also be impacted in efforts to promote child welfare and security.

For more information on steps to take as a domestic violence victim or respondent, contact Silverman, Mack & Associates for a free initial consultation today.

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If you are a victim of domestic violence in your home, or if you have been accused of domestic violence, you have a lot to lose. By relying on trustworthy family attorneys at the Law Office of Silverman, Mack & Associates, you can gain back your confidence, safety and so much more. Allow us to represent you during this significant time in your life.