Drug Crimes In Florida

Drug-related offenses are prosecuted severely throughout Florida. The laws surrounding drug crimes in the state are some of the toughest in the nation, as detailed in Florida Statute § 893.13. A drug charge conviction can result in years of prison time; large fines; probation; license suspension; and a permanent criminal record.

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What Are The Different Types Of Drug Crimes?

Drug crimes in the State of Florida encompass a broad range of charges, which include the following.

Prescription Drug Abuse

When a medical professional prescribes medication to an individual, it’s important that the individual follows the specific guidelines they are provided with. If a person takes greater amounts of prescribed drugs — especially after the illness has subsided — or if a person uses drugs prescribed to another person, these individuals can be charged with prescription drug abuse. Opioids, depressants, and stimulants are the most common types of prescription drugs that are used inappropriately and can seriously impair the health, and mental stability of those who abuse them.


Whether it involves growing plants and gardens of illegal drugs, boiling and/or heating chemicals, liquidizing or turning drugs into different forms, cultivation is considered a serious violation of Florida law. Individuals who offer to assist with the cultivation of drugs — or those who sell merchandise and equipment to people to use for drug production — may also be accused, arrested, and convicted on charges of drug cultivation.


Drug trafficking involves the transportation and illegal import of drugs and controlled substances. Intrastate, interstate and international drug trafficking are serious violations of the law. The minimum mandatory sentencing requirements are usually three years.


Conspiracy is defined as an agreement by two or more individuals to commit a crime, with the intention that the offense will actually be committed. If you associate with individuals who are involved with the drug business, you may be at risk for arrest and prosecution, as state and federal officials may assume that you, too, are involved in the drug crime. Even if an individual is innocent and/or completely unaware of any instances of drug possession, usage or selling that occurred around them — such as in the home or car — he or she may still be charged.


Drug possession is a serious drug crime in Florida. It involves having illegal drugs — marijuana, cocaine, LSD, heroin, etc. —  in one’s possession for any purpose, whether for personal use or any other means. Depending on the type of controlled substance, the quantity, and the location, drug possession can lead to decades of jail time and thousands of dollars in fines.


Distribution of a controlled substance involves the involves the selling, purchase, delivery, importation or manufacture of illegal drugs. Depending on the quantity of the drug(s), a charge of distribution may be classified as drug trafficking — this may vary from state-to-state and county-to-county. Contact our Gainesville attorneys for more information today.