Drug Crimes

Drug Crimes in Florida

Drug crimes in the State of Florida cover more than just drug possession charges. Drug-related offenses, such as drug trafficking, are increasingly prosecuted.

Drug crimes can include: 

  • Conspiracy: If you associate with people who are involved in the drug business, you may be at risk of arrest and prosecution (whether you participate in usage, possession or selling of drugs or not). State and federal officials will assume that you too are involved in drug crime. This is known as conspiracy. If you are innocent and/or completely unaware that drug possession, usage or selling is occurring around you (i.e. in your home or car), it is extremely difficult to prove in a court of law that you did not intend to participate in, support or further drug crime.
  • Cultivation: Illegal drugs and controlled substances should not be manufactured by people. Whether it involves growing plants and gardens of illegal drugs, boiling and/or heating chemicals, liquidizing or turning drugs into different forms, cultivation is considered a serious violation of the law. People who offer to assist with cultivation of drugs, or who sell merchandise and equipment for people to use for drug production, may also be accused, arrested and fined for drug cultivation.
  • Distribution: Drug distribution involves transferring and delivering drugs to different locations and people.
  • Manufacturing: Drug manufacture is very similar to drug cultivation. It involves creating illegal drugs and substances by mixing chemicals, “cooking” chemicals, and other methods that prepare drugs for usage.
  • Possession: Drug possession is a serious drug crime in Florida. It involves having illegal drugs (marijuana, cocaine, LSD, heroin, etc.) in one’s possession for any purpose (for personal use, distribution, or any other means). Depending on the type of drug, the quantity, and the location, drug possession can lead to serious jail time and fines.
  • Trafficking: Drug trafficking involves the transportation and illegal import of drugs and controlled substances. Intrastate, interstate and international drug trafficking are serious violations of the law. The minimum mandatory sentencing requirements are usually 3 years.
  • Prescription Drug Abuse: When a medical professional prescribes medication, it is important that one follows the specific guidelines that are given. If a person takes greater amounts of prescribed drugs (especially after the illness has subsided), or if a person uses the prescribed drugs of another person to achieve a feeling, it constitutes as prescription drug abuse. Opioids, depressants and stimulants are the most common types of prescription drugs that are used inappropriately. These prescription drugs can seriously impair the functioning of the brain and spinal cord if used incorrectly. 

All of these drug crimes in Florida are very serious. Since the “War on Drugs” campaign of the 1970s, drug crimes have been viewed as dangerous and detrimental to American productivity. As a result, laws and policies have become stricter. In fact, the minimal requirements of jail time, fines and community service are so high that very seldomly is a convicted person able to restore his/her life.

In some cases, people who are convicted of drug trafficking may have been forced to participate in the drug circulation and felt that they would be killed if they chose not to. In other cases, people may be completely unaware that drugs are in their homes or vehicles. They may have no desire or intent to participate in any drug activity but may be convicted for drug crimes for many years on the sole basis of being associated with people who are in the business. This is unacceptable.

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